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Archaeology Series 20:Tiglath-pileser III inscriptions

REIGN: Tiglath-pileser III reigned from 745-727 BCE


The third year of Nabu-nasir, king of Babylon: Tiglath-pileser III ascended the throne of Assyria. In that same year he went down to Akkad, plundered Rabbilu and Hamranu, and abducted the gods of Shapazza.

Neo-Babylonian Chronicle 1.
ANET 282 In the subsequent course of my campaign, I received the tribute of the kings...Azriau the Judahite

COS 2, 285, 2.117A
Calah Annals ca. 738-37
I received the tribute of...Rezin, the Damascene, Menahem, the Samarian, Hiram, the Tyrian....

COS 2, 286, 2.117A
Calah Annals
Rezin the Damascene...With the blood of his warriors I dyed a reddish hue the river....That one (Rezin) in order to save his life, fled alone; and he entered the gate of his city like a mongoose. I impaled alive his chief ministers....I confined him like a bird in a cage. His gardens...orchards without number I cut down; I did not leave a single one.
[16] districts of Bit-Humri (Israel) I leveled to the ground.

COS 2, 287, 2.117B
The Iran Stela ca. 739-38
...Rezin, the Damascene, Menahem, the Samarian, Tuba'il, the Tyrian, etc...I imposed on them tribute of silver, gold, tin, iron, elephant hides, elephant tusks (ivory), blue-purple and red-purple garments, multi-colored garments, camels, and she-camels.

COS 2, 288, 2.117C
Summary Inscription ca. 731
I carried off to Assyria the land of Bit-Humria (Israel), [its] auxiliary [army]...all of its people,...[I killed] Pekah, their king, and I installed Hoshea [as king] over them. I received from them 10 talents of gold, x talents of silver, [with] their [possessions] and [I car]ried them [to Assyria].

COS 2, 289, 2.117D
Summary Inscription
I received the tribute of...Sanipu, Ammonite, Salamanu, Moabite,...Mitinti, the Askhelonite, Jehoahaz, the Judahite [= Ahaz]

COS 2, 291, 2.117F
Summary Inscription 9-10
The wide [land of Bit]-Haza'ili (Aram-Damascus) in its entirety, from Mount [Leb]anon as far as the city of Gilea[d], Abel...[on the bor]der of Bit-Humria (Israel) I annexed to Assyria. [I placed] my eunuch [over them as governor].

COS 2, 292
Summary Inscription 13, 2.117G
[The land of Bit-Humria (Israel)], all [of whose] cities I leveled [to the ground] in my former campaigns...I plundered its livestock, and I spared only (isolated) Samaria. [I/they overthrew Pek]ah their king.
The second year [of Nabu-mukin-zeri]: Tiglath-pileser III ascended the throne in Babylon. The second year: Tiglath-pileser III died in the month Tebet For eighteen years Tiglath-pileser III ruled Akkad and Assyria. For two of these years he ruled in Akkad. Neo-Babylonian Chronicle 1:24-26
2 Kings 15:19; 15:29; 16:9; 1 Chron. 5:26; 2 Chron 28:20

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