Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Archaeology and the Bible: The House of Yahweh Ostracon

House of Yahweh ostracon

The House of Yahweh Ostracon(pottery)

What is it?
*A tax receipt measuring 8.6 centimeters high, 10.9 centimeters wide

*It dates to Approximately the 9th—7th centuries BCE

*Earliest artifact that most likely mentions Solomons temple


L1 According to your order, Ashya-
L2 hu the king, to give by the hand
L3 of [Z]ekaryahu silver of Tar-
L4 shish for the house of Yahweh
L5 3 shekels


Carol said...

I just skimmed everything on the first page and it is very interesting. I love archaeological finds in the Bible. Have you looked into Ron Wyatt's findings?

Great blog!

Rowen said...

Thanks for the feedback. I just did a quick search on the man and he isn't taken seriously at all by the archaeological community. Personally I don't see him as credible. The artifacs on here are all genuine.

Carol said...

I used to think the same way until I started digging a little further. There will always be critics, and always be people who hate God and seek to destroy someone's name.

I'm not someone who is easily lead or who is carried away by every wind of doctrine, but after looking into his findings, videos, and speaking with other speakers/prophecy teachers, I have come to believe in all of Ron's findings. A 'quick search' on anything will not yield reliable results.