Friday, September 28, 2007

Archaeology series 18: More Shalmanaer III inscriptions(pt 3)

REIGN: c. 859-824 BCE


Kurba'il Statue of Shalmaneser III 839-838 BCE
COS 2.113E, p. 268

At that time [841], I received the tribute of the Tyrians, the Sidonians, and Jehu, the man of Bit-Humri (Omri).

Calah Bulls of Shalmaneser III 841 BCE
COS 2.113C, p. 2.267

At that time, I received the tribute of the Tyrians and the Sidonians, and of Jehu, man of Bit-Humri.

Marble Slab inscription of Shalmaneser III 839 BCE
COS 2.113D, p. 268
[In 841] I marched to the mountains of Ba'li-ra'si at the side of the sea and opposite Tyre. I erected a statue of my royalty there. I received the tribute of Ba'al-manzer, the Tyrian, and of Jehu, the man of Bit-Humri. (Bit-Humri=House of Omri)

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