Friday, September 28, 2007

Archaeology Series 19: Inscriptions of Adad Nirari III

REIGN: Adad Nirari III reigned from 811 to 783 BCE


Tell Al Rimah Stela of Adad-Nirari III 797 BCE
COS 2.114F, p. 276
I received the tribute of Joash the Samarian, of the Tyrian (ruler), and of the Sidonian (ruler).
Calah Slab of Adad-Nirari III

COS 2, 276, 2.114G
I subdued from the bank of the Euphrates, the land of Hatti, the land of Amurru in its entirety, the land of Tyre, the land of Sidon, the land of Israel, the land of Edom, the land of Philistia, as far as the great sea in the west. I imposed tax and tribute on them.

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